What a Difference a Year Makes

One year ago today I got some amazing news…..but let me start from the beginning.

At the end of April 2013, I was hospitalized and had an emergency surgery. My intestines had perforated and I was 2 hours from death, to use the doctors words. He had to put in a temporary colostomy. If you know me, you know I have incredibly sensitive skin. (Where the Indian, French and Mexican genes I am supposed to have are, I will never know.)

After 3 months of being miserable and in pain, trying over and over again to find good colostomy supplies, I was somewhat used to what was happening, but also had an end in sight. We picked July 24th as the day to reverse the colostomy and let me get back to a normal life. I was SO ready!! Fast forward to waking up from sedation and surgery and I feel the colostomy bag still attached. I wanted to cry. All I could think was something terrible happened and I would be stuck with it forever. (If you are, and have the skin I have, I really feel for you.)

The doctor comes in and I ask him what went wrong. Please keep in mind I am still incredibly groggy, was having oxygen and pain issues, etc so it all felt very dream like in the room. The doctor tells me he couldn’t do the surgery because I had an enlarged uterus. For those of you who don’t know, in Fall of 2012 we found some serious cells the dr called pre-cancer but close to turning and advised we do an ablation or a hysterectomy. I opted for the ablation as a more non-invasive choice knowing we could do a full surgery if needed. Needless to say, hearing my uterus was enlarged led me down the path of assuming it was a large tumor. I argued with the doctor for hours about what it was. Finally, they took me down for a scan. Little did I know/believe that what they were going to show me was a baby.

Next step, serious panic. I had never been blessed enough to carry a baby to term. I also had almost died in April and they were telling me I was already pregnant then, so the baby had been through two surgeries, poison in my system and lots, and I mean LOTS of pain meds and other drugs to save me. Between having had so many miscarriages and having been through all this, I knew there was no way this baby would survive, let alone be normal and healthy.

Then I make the call to his daddy. He lives out-of-town and if you think my shock was big, you should have heard his. You see, he had a vasectomy 9 years ago. How is this possible he wanted to know. (Clearly his doctor never told him they could reverse themselves)

Together we prepared for the worst. We scheduled genetic tests, scans to see the babies organs and body, etc. We did not share the news with anyone because we just knew this baby would not survive.

Fast forward to September. We finally have all the results back, all the scans have been done and we have amazing news…..the baby appears to be perfect. Being one not to question God, I just accepted it for what it was, but with the niggling in the back of my mind that January (the due date) was still very far away and anything could happen, as it always had in the past. We decided to go ahead and share the news with family and some friends. As we got further along we did decide to share the news publicly. Not that people couldn’t tell by taking one look at me. šŸ™‚

January arrives….the end of the pregnancy was incredibly easy, other than our little one trying to come early, and I was almost sad it was aboutĀ over. January 5th around 2pm my water breaks. I call my mom who wants to rush right to the hospital, but I was in the middle of laundry. I mean who doesn’t finish their laundry before going to the hospital in labor?!? We got to the hospital around 4 and they started Pitocin because I was not thinning and dilating. As we went through the day, things were not changing so they did some other things to try to help. Pitocin contractions for hours on end are not fun, but at least it was tolerable. They kept offering an epidural, but I kept declining. Finally at 9pm the next night (yes, 29 hours in labor on Pitocin is LOADS of fun) we decided to do a C-section. They were worried about infection because my water had broken so many hours before. Because I still had the colostomy, we had tried to avoid surgery at all costs, but here it was…happening. They called in the Doctor who handles colorectal cases. He brought a friend. I guess a woman having a baby is rare when a colostomy is present. Nothing like being a show horse when you are already opening up everything for everyone, to give birth.

The C-section couldn’t have gone better. The OB had a few problems with the placenta and the baby aspirated some fluids coming out, but other than that, perfection. That moment of seeing your baby for the first time is amazing. To see that he seemed to be perfectly normal and healthy was just icing on the cake. There are no words to describe it…ever.

Two days before he was born, I lost an amazing friend who was like a brother to me. It was very unexpected and my heart was broken. It was such a bittersweet week, losing him but getting this miracle baby. We suddenly decided we needed to add another middle name to our son, to honor this lost friend.

I now have such an amazing little miracle boy. He is so handsome and smart and I just know God has some big plans for this little guy. How could He not given what happened to get him here?

In March I was lucky enough to finally have the surgery that removed the colostomy and thankfully that went incredibly well. What was not going well was that I was still having some issue with having had the baby. I went back to the dr and heard the news, “Jean, you have a large mass in your uterus.” I was shocked. This is what I expected to hear last July, not now. So here we are again, seeing doctors and having tests. The decision has been made and the surgery has been scheduled, I will be having a hysterectomy in a few weeks. I think a lot of women struggle with this and are devastated. Given my history and the last year and a half of my life, I could care less. Take it all….I already have the most amazing miracle gift ever!

My Gift from God

My Gift from God

About jeangleason

I am the HR manager for a company in Overland Park. I love to travel and really love the ocean! Spending time with my family & friends is very important to me. These posts are my own and do not reflect those of my company.
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9 Responses to What a Difference a Year Makes

  1. Chef Lisa M says:

    I am the proudest great auntie, I remember the call from your mom telling me they couldn’t do the surgery she was so scared. I said she’s just pregnant shes like no shes not she can’t be she had ablation surgery. I said she’s pregnant and we prayed my church an I and I am so happy for you words can not express how happy I am the joy I feel for you. I know how much you wanted a baby and how much you love ur nieces and nephews. I know there couldn’t be a more wonderful mommy then you. I am so blessed to have met u and ur mom and to meet this miracle someday. Always know you will forever be in my heart n little man too and in my prayers. I love u all dearly and I thank God that he put you in my life and to be part of your joy.


  2. It’s rare that a blog post holds my attention til the end but this one definitely did. So brave of you to share your story. I love transparency. This is an amazing story and journey. God bless you.


  3. Really getting tired of you coming up with more medical issues…

    On a serious note, it would seem to me that God planned this out just right, though he could’ve spared you some drama. But God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.


  4. tombolt says:

    I can’t tell you how much your story touched me. I’ll just leave it with two comments: First, It is good to hear from an old friend and that God is continuing to bless her life and reward her faith. The other point is that it is all too easy for me to lose faith when I have not had nearly the problems that you have faced. Opening your life to others to see is an inspiration and I just felt that I had to tell you “Thanks!”


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  6. Carol Smith says:

    I certainly hope this next surgery is the final hurdle In your long and difficult journey. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Just get well and come home to your sweet little guy! We’ll be thinking of you both…..


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