I Love My Job…No Really!

How often do we hear our friends or family use these words sarcastically to help them get through the day? I would guess we would be rich if we had a dollar for every time we had heard that.

I actually do love my job and I have to guess there are a lot of other people out there that do. I am an HR Manager. Yes, I hear the collective gasp…most HR Managers are unhappy or evil, or so people think. I think people picture Catbert, the Evil HR Director from the Dilbert cartoon being completely useless and unhelpful when they think of “HR.”

If you can’t say you love your job, why are you doing it? I can guess some answers to this question: The economy is tight and I needed a job. I have to pay the bills somehow. How else do I support my family? I absolutely understand those reasons, but what steps are you taking to find the job/career/employment that really speaks to you.

During interviews I always ask people, “What is your dream job?” I then try to dig deeper to find out why they are not in that line of work. This tells me a lot about the person. Do they see their ideas through? Are they at least doing it as a hobby? Even if they can’t pursue it, are they doing more to educate themselves, are they networking with the people who can help them achieve their dream?

If anyone hasn’t asked you lately, let me? What is your dream job and what are you doing to bring it to fruition?


About jeangleason

I am the HR manager for a company in Overland Park. I love to travel and really love the ocean! Spending time with my family & friends is very important to me. These posts are my own and do not reflect those of my company.
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One Response to I Love My Job…No Really!

  1. Jean K. says:

    I still remember the one guy that told me his dream job was to open up a business like his parent’s. When asked what type of business his parents had… strip club. Needless to say, he was brutally honest through the whole interview.


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