You Said What in Your Interview?

Ok so I promised a funny HR post this week. As I started reflecting back on the last 10 years I’ve spent doing HR, the same thought kept coming back to me. Every time I give someone advice on interviewing and their resumes, I hear the same thing; “Do you really think you had to tell me that? I know not to do those things.” And yet, people continue to do all these “things.” In honor of this, here is my Top 10, “Trust me, you need to hear this” post!

1. Proofread your resume. Yes, I know you have looked at it 27 times. I also know the more you review something, the harder it is to catch mistakes, especially your own. And no, I don’t just mean use spellcheck. You can have a word spelled correctly, but it might not be the right word grammatically. I mean have a real live person check your resume for you; maybe even 2.

2. Either remove your objective or make sure it matches what you are applying for. Do not put “To obtain the job of a Nurse” when you are applying to be a Doctor. Yes, people do this all the time.

3. If you have gaps in employment or other things you need to explain, use a cover letter. Don’t make the recruiter reviewing your resume wonder why you have gaps on your resume.

4. Dress appropriately for your interview. Please don’t come in wearing the same thing you wore last night at your “other job, you know what I mean right *wink*”. (Yes someone did this.) At a minimum, be business casual. Don’t dress like you are applying to be the maintenance person, even if you are. And for goodness sakes, do NOT touch the person interviewing you and tell them you love their hair. Flirting does not get you a job.

5. Be on time. “I got lost” is not an excuse. Make the drive the night before. There are a lot of places to get directions, even if you do not have internet at home. Almost every library has free internet. A lot of phones have GPS now so use it. And speaking of phones, don’t answer your phone during the interview. That is pretty much a guarantee your interview is ending right then.

6. Do not bring your whole family to the interview with you. And PLEASE do not bring your significant other with you and exhibit PDA in the lobby while waiting for your interview. You know who you are.

7. Be prepared with questions about the job by researching it and the company online. Don’t come in and tell me you don’t remember the job because you are applying for so many. Be an organized job searcher and keep track of the jobs you are applying for.

8. Don’t send me a resume and then when I call you for an interview tell me you are gonna “ride out the rest of your unemployment.”

9. Don’t call every single day to see if a decision has been made. Believe me, we do not minimize the fact that you are out of work and need a job, but we also have a process that must be adhered to. By all means, send a thank you note. Call a week or two later if you haven’t heard anything, but don’t call every day. And PLEASE do not just “pop by to check on the status of my interview.” That does not earn you brownie points.

10. NETWORK! NETWORK! NETWORK! In this day and age sometimes it is who you know. Not that the “who you know” can get you a job, but they might know someone who knows someone. Join job clubs. Strike up conversations with people you meet in restaurants and stores. Learn more about Social Media. I have hired 3 people in the last month from Twitter and referrals from Twitter. It works people!

*Names have been left off to protect the guilty!* I just found this and absolutely had to add it to this post. I hope you take it in the humorous vein it is meant!


About jeangleason

I am the HR manager for a company in Overland Park. I love to travel and really love the ocean! Spending time with my family & friends is very important to me. These posts are my own and do not reflect those of my company.
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5 Responses to You Said What in Your Interview?

  1. Alexis says:

    I love this Jean!!! I’ve read a few resume’s over the years and am always surprised by the lack of proper punctuation and how wordy they can get. I love a good personal cover letter too.


  2. Ralph Shepard says:

    “…Flirting does not get you a job…” This one amazes me, does this really happen? Should I be offended that it has never happened to me?


  3. Chris Speak says:

    #4….I still have nightmares about that girl touching my hair.


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